Our vision is a world in which direct giving to the poor is (a) a significant share of overall giving, and (b) the benchmark donors use to evaluate giving to organizations. We seek to set this benchmark on three dimensions.

Industry standard: Spend some money on fundraising and administration, and a high proportion on "program expenses." Program expenses is a vague category that includes the costs of staff salaries, field operations, subcontractors and local partners with their own administrative costs; it does not measure value created for the poor. Our standard: Put at least 90% of every donated dollar in the hands of the poor.
Industry standard: Maintain large program portfolios spanning multiple sectors, but report how past donations were allocated across broad categories called "administration", "fundraising", and "program services", which nonprofits are allowed to define however they like. In many cases, subcontract field operations to other organizations. Donors cannot easily infer how exactly their donation will be used. Our standard: Do one, easy-to-understand thing with every donated dollar; do it ourselves without subcontractors; and clearly explain what it costs to do it.
Industry standard: Empower experts to decide what is best for the poor based on an assessment of needs or on personal ideology. Our standard: Empower the poor to set their own priorities.